Seattle, the capital of Washington

Learning Experience

The other day one of the international students I met asked me where they are from. I told them Seattle, WA in the US and they responded, oh, Seattle is the capital of Washington! This shows how much Seattle is portrayed around the world compared to Olympia (and other cities in Washington). It makes total sense that Seattle would be the capital because that is where everyone travels, but it’s not. Being in Limerick has begun to slowly open my eyes to how much I don’t know the rest of the world and how much the world doesn’t know about the US. There’s so much to learn and teach. I kindly corrected this student, spiraling us into a conversation all about Washington.


The first few days were not the easiest:

  • I’ve been sick (I’m on the mend! I’m definitely getting better!)
  • Security was tough in London (see last post)
  • There are so many new names to remember (I’m generally pretty good, but I think I remember about 5 or 10… I’ve some work to do…)
  • Creating my timetable (class schedule) — all of the 9 classes I found really interesting sounding conflicted with each other, so I can only take 1 and have to find 4 new ones…
  • Roommates. This will be interesting.
    • One from China who doesn’t really speak English and didn’t really seem to want to talk to me (haven’t seen them since the night I arrived)
    • One from Spain who has okay English. They are very friendly, but unique.
    • One from the states who seems like quite the partier…
  • Slight homesickness the first couple days, but it has been super nice to talk to friends and family

But, the other night I was listening to music as I was working on my timetable and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story came on and then “Look on Up” by Relient K came on. Those songs definitely lifted my mood, so that was nice. Who doesn’t like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me?” It’s such a happy song! 🙂



Campus map. Check out this link if you’d like to look at it closer.

Here is a map of my campus. If it looks small to you, it’s because it’s not to scale; your computer screen is smaller than my actual campus. I live in Plassey Village (I have my address now, so if anyone who knows me wants it, just contact me via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp). Plassey is located in 6C on the map. The main entrance to campus (4C) is about a 10 minute walk from my room. That’s just to get to campus. For those from Pacific, my walk is a little farther than the walk from the football field to Pacific Ave. The UL campus is about 350 acres, so it’s large. We also have many miles of trails all throughout campus along the river, so that’s cool. Also, there are old castle ruins sprinkled throughout campus. It’s so cool, but also weird to think how old these ruins are. Luckily I feel I’m pretty good at navigating! Our main building has 5 floors and 5 wings and is a “square” with a courtyard and fountain in the middle and the president’s house as one of the sides of the “square.” The floors are G, O, M, 1, 2. Not confusing at all… So, if the room number was BG021, you would know to go to room 021 in wing B on floor G… Ugh. It’s quite the process. Enjoy the pictures below of a few parts of campus. Don’t worry, I will post more pictures of other parts of campus as I write more blog posts.

I have a few more days of orientation and then classes start on Monday. I should hopefully be posting about orientation on Sunday after I get back from our optional international study excursion!


2 thoughts on “Seattle, the capital of Washington

    • Yes, I get my own room! As my friend says, “we live in a shoebox” because it’s so tiny. I have 1 flatmate I share a bathroom with and 3 with which I share a kitchen and living room.


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